How to Wear Emerald Stone?

How to wear Emerald Stone

Emerald, also known as Panna, is a mesmerizing gemstone renowned for its vibrant green colour. According to Indian astrology, an emerald is associated with the planet Mercury and is believed to possess numerous positive attributes. Wearing an emerald stone can enhance intelligence, communication skills, creativity, and overall mental well-being. If you’re considering adorning yourself with … Read more

How to Charge Emerald Stone?

Emerald stones have long been revered for their beauty and astrological significance in Indian culture. According to Indian astrology, emerald stones are associated with the planet Mercury and are believed to possess powerful energies that can positively impact various aspects of life. In order to fully harness the benefits of an emerald stone, it is … Read more

How to Identify Real Emerald Stone?

How to Identify Real Emerald Stone

Emeralds have long been treasured for their beauty and symbolism. They are associated with attributes like love, rebirth, and good fortune. Naturally occurring emeralds are rare and command high prices, making them a desirable target for counterfeiters. To avoid being deceived, it’s essential to equip yourself with knowledge and learn how to identify real emerald … Read more

How to Get Maximum Results From Emerald Stone?

How to Get Maximum Results From Emerald Stone

To get maximum results from emerald stone astrologers recommend wearing Emeralds on Wednesday mornings after sunrise, during Shukla Paksha, as Mercury, the Lord of this gemstone, controls this day.The lush green-coloured Emerald is one of the premium natural gemstones of the Navratna family. Emerald, the stunning green gemstone, has captivated humans for centuries with its … Read more

How to Care & Clean Emerald Stone?

How to Care & Clean Emerald Stone

At Gemstone Universe, we understand the importance of owning a precious gemstone like an emerald. Emerald, also known as Panna, is a fascinating gemstone that exudes elegance and style. However, owning a gemstone also means taking proper care of it to maintain its beauty and value. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process … Read more

How to Choose the Right Emerald Stone?

How to Choose Right Emerald Stone

Emerald stone is a beautiful and versatile gemstone that has been prized for centuries for its rich green color and various healing properties. Whether you’re looking to buy an Emerald stone for jewelry, meditation, or for its healing properties, it’s important to choose the right one. Not all Emerald stones are created equal and choosing … Read more

How to Care for an Emerald Stone?

Emerald Stone

Emeralds are among the most precious gemstones, so it’s important to take good care of them. Here are some tips for how to keep your Emerald stone looking its best! Following these simple tips will keep your Emerald looking beautiful for years to come! Make sure you follow these steps carefully so that you can … Read more