How to Wear Peridot Stone

Peridot is a captivating gemstone that has long been cherished for its stunning green hues and reputed healing properties. It’s a gem that has found its place in various forms of jewellery, but understanding how to wear Peridot effectively can enhance its benefits and add a touch of elegance to your style. In this blog, I will share my insights on how to wear peridot to make the most of its beauty and potential benefits.

Choose Your Hand Wisely

Peridot is worn on the little finger of the working hand. For right-handed individuals, this would be the right hand, and for left-handed folks, it’s the left hand. This choice is rooted in astrology, as the little finger is associated with the planet Mercury, which is the ruling planet of peridot. By aligning the stone with this astrological connection, it is believed to amplify its effects.

Experiment with Other Options

While tradition provides a guideline, there’s no strict rule when it comes to adorning peridot. It’s essential to consider what feels right for you. Some prefer wearing peridot on the ring finger, while others opt for pendants or bracelets. Feel free to explore different ways of incorporating this vibrant gem into your jewelry collection.

Metal Matters

The metal in which peridot is set can influence both its appearance and properties. Silver is the classic choice, as it is believed to enhance peridot’s healing attributes. However, you can also choose gold, platinum, or white gold settings to match your personal style and preferences. Each metal lends a unique character to the gemstone.

Size Matters Too

Select a peridot stone that suits your hand size and style. A stone that’s too small may not have the desired impact, while one that’s overly large can feel uncomfortable. Finding the right balance will ensure both comfort and aesthetics.

Protect Your Peridot

To keep your peridot gemstone looking its best, make sure it’s set in a sturdy setting that safeguards it from potential damage. Avoid wearing peridot in harsh environments, such as near heat or chemicals, to preserve its brilliance.

Regular Maintenance

Like any precious gem, peridot benefits from regular maintenance. Cleaning your peridot with a soft cloth and mild soap will help maintain its sparkle and shine. Be gentle to avoid scratching the stone.

Additional Information About Peridot

It’s fascinating to delve deeper into the world of peridot:

  • Peridot is a type of olivine, a mineral commonly found in volcanic rocks.
  • August babies are lucky to have peridot as their birthstone.
  • While peridot is typically green, it can also exhibit shades of yellow, brown, or even colourless.
  • Many believe peridot has healing properties, including stress relief, anxiety reduction, and aiding in better sleep.
  • This gemstone is also thought to boost creativity and self-confidence.


Wearing peridot can be a rewarding experience, both for its aesthetic appeal and its potential healing properties. Remember, there are various ways to wear peridot, and the choice ultimately comes down to your personal preferences. So, go ahead, adorn yourself with this magnificent gem, and let its beauty and energy shine through.

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