What Colour is Alexandrite Stone

In the kaleidoscope of precious gemstones, there exists a rarity that captivates the beholder with its enchanting ability to metamorphose hues — the mesmerizing alexandrite.

This unique gem possesses the extraordinary trait of changing colour under different lighting conditions, adding an extra layer of allure to its already scarce beauty.

The Dance of Colours: A Daylight Serenade

In the embrace of natural daylight, alexandrite unveils a captivating bluish-green persona. The spectrum of green spans from delicate pastels to profound, velvety shades, occasionally adorned with subtle hints of blue or yellow.

This daylight manifestation paints a portrait of elegance and freshness, making alexandrite a gem of choice for those who appreciate the subtle dance of colours.

The Symphony of Night: Alexandrite’s Nocturnal Transformation

As the sun sets and incandescent light takes the stage, alexandrite undergoes a magical metamorphosis. The once serene green transmutes into a rich purplish-red, casting a spell of warmth and sophistication.

The red hues within the spectrum may vary from gentle lilacs to deep, passionate shades, sometimes adorned with whispers of purple or orange.

This nocturnal transformation adds an element of drama to the gem, making it a truly dynamic and bewitching jewel.

The Mysterious Splendors: Additional Colours of Alexandrite

While the green-to-red transformation is the hallmark of alexandrite, the gem occasionally showcases additional hues, adding to its enigmatic charm:


In some instances, alexandrite may reveal a subtle brown undertone in incandescent light.


A rare occurrence, some alexandrites may exhibit a tantalizing touch of orange when exposed to incandescent light.

The Kaleidoscopic Appeal: Alexandrite’s Unique Gemstone Status

In the realm of gemstones, alexandrite stands as a true marvel, and its chameleon-like ability to change colour is undeniably one of its most alluring qualities.

The rarity and uniqueness of alexandrite contribute to its appeal, making it a gemstone cherished by collectors and connoisseurs alike.

A Conclusion Wrapped in Radiance

The question of what colour an alexandrite stone is can only be answered by embracing the kaleidoscopic magic it exudes. Its dual personality — the cool greens of daylight and the warm reds of incandescent light — renders it a gem of unparalleled beauty and intrigue.

If you seek a gemstone that narrates a tale of color-shifting mystique, then the resplendent alexandrite is your perfect companion on this captivating journey through the chromatic wonders of the gemstone world.

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