Where is Green Fluorite Found

Green fluorite, with its captivating hues, emerges from various corners of our planet, each location adding a unique touch to this mesmerizing gemstone.

Let’s embark on a journey to explore the notable sources of green fluorite, showcasing the diversity of its origins.

China: The Emerald Haven of Xianghuapu Mine

Nestled in the heart of Fujian Province, the Xianghuapu Mine stands as the crown jewel in China’s fluorite production.

As the world’s leading producer, China not only supplies a significant portion of the global fluorite demand but also unveils the breathtaking green fluorite specimens from this renowned locality.

Mexico: Berbes Mine and the Mexican Gem

Venture into Coahuila, Mexico, and you’ll find the Berbes Mine, a name synonymous with the vibrant green fluorite extracted from its depths.

Mexico, a major player in the fluorite market, proudly contributes to the global availability of this captivating gemstone.

Mongolia: A New Player with Erdenetiin Ovoo Mine

On the landscapes of Arkhangai Province, the Erdenetiin Ovoo Mine marks Mongolia’s entry into the fluorite scene.

Despite being a relatively new producer, Mongolia swiftly established itself as a significant source of green fluorite, adding its unique flavor to the global supply.

South Africa: Okiep Rift Valley’s Flourishing Green

South Africa, boasting a rich history in mining, also graces us with the beauty of green fluorite.

The Okiep Rift Valley, with its storied past, stands as a testament to South Africa’s contribution to the diverse tapestry of fluorite sourcing.

United Kingdom: Rogerley Mine’s British Elegance

In the United Kingdom, particularly in County Durham, the Rogerley Mine takes the spotlight as a source of green fluorite.

While the UK may not be the largest contributor, its small deposits, including the Rogerley Mine, add a touch of British elegance to the global fluorite market.

Global Presence: Beyond Borders

Beyond these major contributors, green fluorite graces many other corners of the world, creating a global presence that echoes its universal allure.

Small deposits in the United States, Canada, Germany, France, and Spain contribute to the rich diversity of fluorite origins.

Here’s a snapshot of the major sources:

ChinaXianghuapu Mine (Fujian Province)
MexicoBerbes Mine (Coahuila)
MongoliaErdenetiin Ovoo Mine (Arkhangai Province)
South AfricaOkiep Rift Valley
UKRogerley Mine (County Durham)

Ensuring the Authenticity of Your Green Fluorite

Understanding the geographical origins of green fluorite not only adds depth to your appreciation of this gem but can also play a role in ensuring its authenticity.

When acquiring green fluorite, consider its source and be cautious of claims that may raise suspicions.

Always purchase from reputable dealers who have a track record of dealing in genuine gemstones.


As we traverse the diverse landscapes where green fluorite emerges, we witness nature’s artistry in the form of this enchanting gemstone.

Whether it’s the emerald havens of China, the Mexican vibrancy, Mongolia’s new horizons, South Africa’s historical contributions, or the British elegance from the United Kingdom, each source adds a unique chapter to the story of green fluorite.

In the end, when you hold a piece of green fluorite, you’re not just holding a gemstone; you’re holding a piece of the Earth’s tapestry—a testament to the beauty that nature, in all its diversity, can create.

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