which fingure should a green onyx be worn

Greetings, crystal enthusiasts! Today, we embark on a journey into the world of green onyx and the intriguing question: which finger is the rightful home for this enchanting gem?

As we explore the traditions and beliefs surrounding this vibrant stone, you’ll find that the little finger of your left hand holds a special significance.

The Mercury Connection

Green onyx, with its lush hues, is often deemed a companion to Mercury, the celestial body associated with communication and intelligence. The ancient wisdom suggests that adorning the little finger, Mercury’s designated spot, can invoke the planet’s positive energies.

The little finger, though small, packs a punch when it comes to channeling the powers of communication and mental acuity.

A Symphony of Balance & Creativity

Mercury Chakra and Communication

Mercury, in the realm of chakras, finds its dwelling place in the throat area – the Mercury chakra. Wearing green onyx on the little finger is believed to activate and balance this chakra, fostering improved communication and self-expression.

Imagine donning a gem that not only complements your style but also aligns with the harmonious flow of your energy.

Air Element and Creativity

The little finger is affiliated with the element of air, a force synonymous with creativity and the birth of new ideas.

Picture green onyx as a muse, stimulating your creative faculties and unlocking the door to a realm of possibilities. This gem becomes more than adornment; it becomes a conduit for inspiration.

Distance from the Thumb and Ego Balance

In the intricate dance of fingers, the little finger stands farthest from the thumb, the symbol of the ego. Green onyx, when gracing this finger, is believed to diminish the ego’s influence, creating a state of balance and grounded tranquility.

It’s like a gentle reminder to stay connected with your essence amid the whirlwind of life.

The Personal Touch

While traditions offer guidance, there’s a personal touch to the story of wearing green onyx. It’s not a rigid rule but a canvas for self-expression.

If the little finger doesn’t resonate with you, worry not! There’s no right or wrong here. Your comfort and empowerment take center stage.


The journey of donning green onyx is a tapestry of tradition, symbolism, and personal connection. As you slip that vibrant gem onto your finger, remember that you are not merely wearing a piece of jewelry; you are embracing a tale woven through centuries.

Whether it’s the allure of Mercury’s influence, the dance of chakras, or the whispers of creativity, green onyx invites you to wear your story.

So, let your little finger become the stage for this captivating gem, or let your heart guide you to a finger that feels just right. After all, in the world of crystals, the most powerful connection is the one you forge with the stones that resonate with your spirit.

Embrace the magic, dear reader, and let your fingers tell the tale of your unique journey with the captivating green onyx.

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